Saying Goodbye


Today we had to say goodbye to one of our best friends. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. Roxie was one of the most loving pets I’ve ever had. She was our lap cat: if your lap was empty she would sit in it; if it wasn’t, she would sit on whatever was in your lap. She would occasionally go to bed with us and fall asleep on my chest, purring softly. Even people who hate cats liked Roxie.

We adopted her and Max a little over ten years ago, but she was already seven while Max was just two, so she was a very old lady. She had been sick for the past couple of months, and recently she stopped eating, so we made the very hard decision to have her put to sleep. The doctors at Banfield in Leesburg were great and very understanding of how big of a deal this was for us. They even gave us a clay impression of her paw print to take home with us. It was an incredible gesture that I was not expecting. We brought Max with us in the hope that if he was there he would understand that Roxie wasn’t coming back with us. Max and Roxie weren’t really close and mostly just tolerated each others’ existence, but I think he will miss her just the same.

There were a lot of things about Roxie that made her unique. Unlike most cats, she liked to lay on her back with her paws up in the air, and if you scratched her back at the base of her tail, she would lick whatever you put in front of her. If there was nothing there, then she would just lick the air, which provided endless amusement to many of our friends. The best thing, though, is that she would obey the rule of “fives.” Roxie was notorious for stealing your seat when you got up and laying in the warm spot. But if you called “fives” when you got up and she heard you, she wouldn’t take it. Courtney used to think that this wasn’t a real thing and just coincidence. Then one night she got up from the couch to get a drink. As she was walking to the kitchen, Roxie made her way over to the recently vacated spot. Courtney turned around, pointed at Roxie, and said “fives.” Roxie stopped where she was, looked up at Courtney as if to say “well played,” and went back to where she had been resting before.

RIP, Roxie. My lap will be a little colder from now on.


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