Our Little Slice Of Domestic Paradise


Spring is finally here in our part of the world, and we are loving the (generally) warm weather and the green appearing everywhere. We bought our house in December, so we had absolutely no idea what the yard would look like in the spring. We knew it would be pretty, but we didn’t know just how beautiful it would be. The previous owners definitely put a lot of work into the place, terracing the hill in the back yard and adding a large variety of plants, bushes, and flowers. We knew we had rose bushes and holly bushes, but that was about it.

When spring first arrived and all of our neighbors’ yards started blooming (read: they had landscapers come in and plant fresh annuals) we were a little disappointed. Everybody’s yard looked so nice, but ours wasn’t blooming yet. Fast forward a few weeks, and our yard has exploded. It looks gorgeous! We already loved our new place, but now we love it even more. We’re very thankful to the previous owners for putting so much work into the yard. Now all we have to do to see paradise is look out the window.

Click the images to view full size.









Oh, and we’re not the only ones who appreciate the newly flowering back yard. The cats have been glued to the screen door every day when we have it open. We have squirrels, birds, and rabbits that they would just love to murder. Luckily for the wildlife, they are strictly indoor cats. Sorry, Max.



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